Geology 155/264 Metamorphism and Orogeny


In this class we will apply metamorphic petrology, geochronology, and structural geology, to understanding plate tectonics.

The format of the class includes lectures, journal paper presentations by students, optical microscopy, application of thermodynamics, and electron-probe microanalysis. Course content changes each year:

Prerequisites: Geology 14 and 102C or consent of instructor.

Description: Quantitative analysis of metamorphic rocks: thermodynamics of solids and fluids, mineral equilibria and thermobarometry, electron-probe microanalysis, plate tectonics and metamorphism, rheology, preferred orientations, electron-back-scatter diffraction, kinetics and mineral textures.

Professor: Dr. Bradley Hacker, Webb Hall Rm 2120, phone 893-7952. Office hours: anytime (send me mail if you want a specific time:

Lecture & discussion: Tues 1500-1800, Webb 1030A. Participation in both the lecture and lab is mandatory.

Lab: Tues 1830-2030, PSBS 2711. Participation in both the lecture and lab is mandatory.

Exams: Midterm exam: none. Final Exam: none.

Microtectonics by Passchier & Trouw is excellent.

Final Grade: Letter grades will be assigned according to participation in class and lab assignments.