Geology 152/265 Analytical Techniques in Earth and Material Science


Prerequisites: Chem 1A-B-C, Math 3A-B-C, Physics 6A-B-C, and one of the following: Geology 114A, Chemical Engineering 185, Mechanical Engineering 180, Mechanical Engineering 185.

Description: Introduction to powerful analytical techniques used to characterize the composition, structure, and texture of Earth and engineering materials. Underlying physical/chemical principles, instrumentation, and application to real-world problems is covered for each technique. Students complete hands-on analytical projects on scanning-electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and electron-probe microanalysis. Laboratory time outside of scheduled lecture hours will be required.

Professor: Dr. Bradley Hacker, Webb Hall Rm 2015, phone 893-7952. Office hours by appointment: call or send me mail:

Website: Most class materials are posted on the Geology 152/265 website

Grading: Letter grades will be assigned according to total points earned. Final exam: 100 points. In-class assignments: 20 points each. Individual Laboratory Projects: 100 points each. Work turned in late will be marked down 20% each day.

Course Outline

Tues & Thus 08:15-09:30, PSB-S 2724 (Physical Sciences Building South, Room 2724)

Also, Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) atomic emission spectrometry is available in Engineering.

The Materials Department has additional graduate courses that cover some of these techniques in more detail, such as
209A&B Crystallography and Diffraction
209C Electron Microscopy
212 X-Ray Diffraction

Textbooks you may wish to consult:

Other course materials: Most class materials will be posted at the Geology 152/265 website.