Geology 124T Thermodynamics

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Professor: Dr. Bradley Hacker, Office hours: Thurs 2-4 PM or

Teaching Assistant: Elizabeth Erickson, Office hours: TBD or

Lecture: online. Lecture Notes.

Exams & Grading: Weekly assignments: total of 60%, due the Friday of weeks 2-5. Midterm exams: none. Final Exam: 40%. Assignments turned in late will be marked down 20% for each day late.

Other course materials: Most class materials will be posted on GauchoSpace.

Textbooks you may wish to consult (anything similar may be fine):


  1. Introduction
  2. Units of Temperature: Degrees Celsius and Kelvin
  3. Units of Energy: Joules and Calories
  4. Why Thermodynamics?
  5. Chemical Reactions and Equations
  6. Reaction-Produced Change in Mass, Density, Volume
  7. What Actually Drives Reactions?
  8. Equilibrium
  9. First Law of Thermodynamics
  10. Heat Capacity
  11. Enthalpy
  12. Relation Among Enthalpy, Heat, and Heat Capacity
  13. Determining Enthalpies
  14. Enthalpy of Reaction
  15. Exothermic vs. Endothermic
  16. Entropy
  17. Entropy Change of Reaction
  18. Energy Associated With Entropy
  19. Gibbs Free Energy of a Phase
  20. Relationship Among G, S, and V
  21. Gibbs Free Energy of Formation
  22. Gibbs Free Energy of Reaction
  23. Clapeyron Relation
  24. Solving the Pressure Integral at Constant Temperature
  25. Solving the Temperature Integral at Constant Pressure
  26. Solving the Temperature and Pressure Integrals
  27. Calculating the PT Position of a Reaction
  28. Introduction to the Equilibrium Constant
  29. Solutions
  30. Volume of Mixing
  31. Partial Molar Volume
  32. Entropy of Mixing
  33. Enthalpy of Mixing
  34. Gibbs Free Energy of Mixing
  35. Activities
  36. The Equilibrium Constant
  37. Activity Models (Activity-Composition Relations) for Crystalline Solutions
  38. Mixing on a Single Site
  39. Mixing on a Several Sites
  40. Geothermometry and Geobarometry
  41. Exchange Reactions
  42. Net-Transfer Reactions
  43. Kinetics
  44. Nucleation
  45. Growth
  46. Transformation: Nucleation + Growth
  47. The Last Supper: A Still Life of Thermodynamics & Kinetics