Geology 114 Geomaterials Fall Quarter

This class focuses on understanding the solid, liquid, and fluid materials that comprise Earth.
Earth-science employers tell us that the most important things they look for in recent graduates are the ability to think critically and independently and communicate. This class is designed to help you develop those skills.

Lecture Notes

List of Minerals (must learn all of them)

Related Web Sites
You may find the following useful in this and other classes:
UCSB Bancroft Mineral Collection
Athena Mineral Database
WebElements Periodic Table
Geochemical Earth Reference Model
Element Calculator
Physical Constants
Ore Deposit Notes

Dr. Bradley Hacker
Webb 2120
Office hours: anytime. I am usually here from at least 7:30 until 17:30 every weekday. Please come and talk to me when you want help-- I care deeply about your education and want to help you attain your educational goals.

Teaching Assistants
Josh Garber
Jacob Poletti

MW 12:30-13:45, Physical Sciences Bldg South Rm 2712. Please be in the classroom and ready to learn before class starts. Do not use your phone in class. If you must arrive late--because you broke your leg or something-- be considerate of others and enter the room quietly.

Laboratory Sections
Physical Sciences Bldg South Rm 2711; T 17:00, F 09:00.
How to ID Minerals (useful for lab)
Crystal Systems, Classes & Symmetries (useful for lab)
Lab #1 Notes
Lab #2 Notes
Lab #4 Notes
Lab #6 Notes
Lab #7 Notes

Question(s) on a quiz will come directly from "quiz preparation" worksheets that are/will be available here:

Lecture exams
Midterm: Monday, Oct 28th
Final: Tuesday, Dec. 10th 12:00-15:00

Lab exam
during regularly scheduled lab the last week of class.

Textbook Earth Materials by Klein and Philpotts
Introduction to Mineralogy by WD Nesse is equally good

Grading: Letter grades will be assigned according to total points earned.